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The Master Clean Process

Quality Evaclean Disinfection Services in Three Easy Steps

Contact Us for a Free Quote

Contact Us for a Free Quote

Speak to one of our customer service representatives to set up a time for us to come to your location, assess your situation and provide you with a cost-effective solution.
Schedule Your Estimate or Service

Schedule Your Service

Once you have your quote, we’ll work together to determine the best date and time to perform our high-quality Evaclean Disinfection services.

Pay Upon Completion

Pay Upon Completion

After we’ve completed the service, we’ll walk through the property with you and discuss everything that was done and ensure your total satisfaction prior to payment.

Less Chemicals. Less Labor. More Effective.

Take the guesswork out of how to properly sanitize and disinfect.

Master Clean is proud to offer EvaClean, a proven system that harmoniously pairs chemistry and technology to create a system that both sanitizes and disinfects surfaces and areas with lasting results.

Safety is our priority. The chemicals used in the EvaClean system have been extensively tested giving assurance that EvaClean meats all of the OSHA and NIOSH standards for exposure and safety. The ability to provide touchless disinfection saves valuable time by simplifying the sanitation process and not having to spray and wipe down surfaces. We’ll simply spray the EvaClean solution and let it dry. With this process being so simple, we’re able to deliver more predictable and repeatable results all while keeping people from getting sick.

With this system, Master Clean standardized the process to eliminate many of the training and education you would have to endure in order to successfully perform this task on your own. EvaClean offers one chemistry paired with one technology which delivers a predictable and repeatable result that is NIOSH and OSHA compliant. This solution is perfect for your home, business, school or restaurant and more. Please contact Master Clean today to schedule your EvaClean Disinfection today!
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EvaClean Disinfection

Covid 19 Announcement: For Emergency Service

This is a 24 Hour Emergency Service to any Commercial Account
The Master Clean Executive Team understands Covid 19.  We want to protect your business, workforce and the safety of all families with EvaClean. Please Contact the Executive Team for Service.
Don Kessler: (614) 989-4050
Van Wilcox: (614) 989- 4053

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